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Guidelines for Trainers and Management Staff in Adult Education

Adult education can be a key for transformation, challenging unjust power structures, enabling participation and overcoming marginalization. OED Methodological Guidelines aim to support managers, course designers and practitioners in adult education institutions in their work with socially and educationally disadvantaged groups. The Guidelines are based on examples of good practice collected from 14 European countries. They reflect the experiences of adult educators working in the field. The publication is available below in English, German, French, Spanish and Bulgarian.

Guidelines for Trainers and Management Staff in Adult Education

Leitfaden für Trainerinnen und Trainer und Programmplanende in der Erwachsenenbildung

Lignes directrices á l'attention des formateurs et du personnel de gestion en charge de l'éducation des adultes

Directrices para los formadores y personal de gestión responsables de la educación de adultos

Ръководство за обучители и управленски персонал в образованието за възрастни

Outreach - Empowerment - Diversity: Find out what is behind the words


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